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"The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow." Anonymous

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 Members' Benefits

Clubs and societies that subscribe to our membership scheme enjoy a number of benefits.

Access to our 'emergency quiz kit':

Designed to give a full evening's entertainment if a speaker lets you down at short notice, our quiz comprises six rounds of questions (72 in total) covering a range of topics from serious gardening questions to plant-related trivia. The kit contains: the quiz; the answers; and, an answer sheet for teams and individual quizzers. The quiz is available in two formats: 'old school' (paper-based) and a PowerPoint presentation for on-screen projection. See examples of slides opposite and roll your mouse over for the answer slide (tap on i-pad).

Access to our exclusive 'Christmas Quiz' :

A seasonally themed quiz designed to complement your Club's festivities be it a 'fish and chip supper' or a Christmas buffet. Four rounds of fun questions (48 in total) more or less closely related to gardening, plants and the festive season! Two formats - paper or electronic for on-screen projection.

Four, quarterly 'mini quizzes':

Each mini quiz comprises six questions closely related, in one way or another, to a horticultural theme. Suitable for inclusion in your Club's newsletter or on your website. Guaranteed to make your members think.

Members only discount on all bespoke quizzes:

Member clubs enjoy a 20% discount on each quiz commissioned for a special event. Each bespoke quiz is compiled from our vast bank of questions to meet your specific purpose - from challenging quizzes for inter-club competitions through to easy, fun-filled quizzes for social events and fund raisers.

How much does it cost?

The membership fee is £15 per year.

An introductory discount of 20% (£3) is available for clubs that subscribe before 1st May 2014.

An additional 20% (£3) discount is available for adding a link from your website to our home page.


How do we apply?

Use the Contact Us link, fill in the form and 'submit'. We will send you an application form by e-mail.